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DIVINITY: from Shakespeare's OTHELLO  

Divinity performance film 

Divinity : Shakespeare's Othello Theatre NYC

DIVINITY  Workshop WestPark NYC

 Divinity trailer film

DOH play 04 hands head.jpg
DIVINITY artwork Naveen.jpg
original art work by Naveen Shakil

Cup of Tea

written by Jeff Goldberg


a world premiere of two one act plays in Short & Sweet


written by Corey Rogers

Intimacy - from Sartre's short story Intimité

translated from french by Catherine Monnet and adapted to stage by TMP 

Lust and Pity

written by Hilary Sloan

The Kollwitz Project - an original theatre dance piece by TMP

choreography by Adrienne Armor

CageDancers - an original theatre dance piece

concept and choreography by TMP

Dolphin Up A Tree - a children's play

written by Kimberly Branch

The Laughing Man - from the J.D. Salinger short story and adapted to stage by TMP 

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