Tricia is an actor, theatre director, and creative professional.

Born in Duluth. Raised in Southern California. Now residing in NYC.

Tricia trained first as a ballet dancer then moved into theatre and film.

In love with it all.


Founding Director of Creative Women New York and BurritoBoards Creative.


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The fantastic possibility we have on stage is that we might be able to do things that one is not allowed to do or cannot do in normal life... This gives us great strength.


- Pina Bausch


... there are two ends of the pole of silence. There is a dead silence,

the silence of the dead, which doesn't help any of us, and...there is the other silence, which is the supreme

moment of communciation -

the moment when people normally divided from one another by every sort of human barrier suddenly find themselves truly together ...


In between the two silences ... are the ... areas where all the questions arise.



- Peter Brook

The denial of contemporary genius is the rule rather than the exception. No one counts the eagles in the nest, till there is a rush of wings; and lo! they are flown.

 -Elizabeth Barrett Browning 



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